Saturday, September 17, 2005

Special post for Tom McEnery - inside the DFAC (dining facility) on Camp Liberty, Baghdad - the San Jose Sharks banner! I did the chomp...

Fun time had by all!

This fellow stood there like that the entire time, overlooking... either a commanding officer or one intense boxing fan

I think there might have been money changing hands....

Woman on left was knocked out in the third

First fight was between two women soldiers (all fighters were, it goes without saying, soldiers on base)

Full moon and lots of folks

Crowd gathers for Saturday Night Fights at Camp Liberty

Gus Tavares, "T-Money" as he incessantly refers to himself - our guide for nightlife

Gorgeous moon came out over Baghdad... time to head out for Saturday night fun

Read and heed

Defense Intelligence Support Office - Iraq... their slogan on the shield reads, "Non Potes Occultare," or "You Cannot Hide"

There's a mosque right inside the Camp Slayer wall, but I don't believe it gets a lot of foot-traffic

The boys make fun of my driving here - the roads are almost as bad as Downtown DC

I was issued a LandCruiser a few days ago. Driving around is great, but not allowed off base.

Incongruous - we're smiling, but in front of two separate carbombs outside the base walls... a fact of life that redefines normalcy. Capt. Gus Taveras, U.S. Army... Gus is our guide to Camp Slayer nightlife.

Let's get our PRIORITIES straight, people!!

Soldiers dragging in the heat

Hot, but not too hot. Dare I say it, "a dry heat."

More bad stuff today... I'm lucky, because I haven't had to go outside the wall except for my first two days here. Nevertheless, one guy here on base was killed the day I left the US (Sept 11) by a mortar attack over the wall, and another on Sept 7. This is a car bomb near the airport.